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 Online Safety



Student Links


     Online Books





Big Universe







  1. Kidport


  2. Fishy 2's


  3. ABCya!


  4. Concentration


  5. Making Patterns
  6. Internet for Classrooms







1.) Literacy Center


2.) Starfall


3.) ABCya!


4.) Game Goo


5.) Sesame Street Videos


6.) Sesame Street Games


7.) Kindergarten reading activities


8.) Internet for Classrooms





 1.) ABCya!


2.) Sesame Street


3.) Fun Goo



4.) Up to Ten


5.) Puzzles



6.) PBS  Kids Games


7.) Typing With Burton 


8.) Little Fingers Games





1.) Forces in Action


2.) Rollercoasters


3.) Build a Rollercoaster 


4.) Wild Kingdom Videos


5.) Dinosaurs on KBears


6.) KBears


7.)Watch Wildlife Videos


8.) Alphabet Animals




   Social Studies


Scholastic Community Club






1.) Animal photographs


2.) Paint animals online


   Computer Literacy Activities


1.) Keyboarding and Mouse


2.) Word Processing



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