5th and 6th Grade 2nd Report Assignments

These are the number of points you can get for each assignment.  There are a total of 100 points.


90-100 points = A

80-89 points = B

70-79 points = C

60-69 points = D

less than 60 points = F


Respecting Lab Procedures and Rules   20 points



Using a Computer--5 points each:

(logging in/logging out, respecting equipment, finding/saving files, using classroom wiki)  20 points


Persuasive Essay                 32 points




Keyboarding: (at least 10 WPM) 10 points

Bookmarking Sites: 10 points 

5 pts---> Install Diigo toolbar

10 pts--> find 5 sites about the assigned topic

Truth or Fiction?: 8 points

Find out whether certain facts are true or false. 

8 pts--->  ?